Victorious Living

E. Stanley Jones
Victorious Living

In 1938, Time magazine called E. Stanley
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Dean Merrill
Victorious Living

Dean Merrill is the author or coauthor
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What Readers are Saying…

“I’ve started reading it, and it is just great. In fact, I am ordering 10 copies this week to give to my friends.” –college president, Pennsylvania

“My wife and I have already begun to dip into it, and we enjoy Jones’s perspective. Thanks for encouraging me with a keen, spiritual mind.” –pastor, Minnesota

“We’re enjoying Victorious Living very much and are telling our friends and family. His insights are just as relevant today as when they were penned.  Your work on updating it is a great contribution to believers today.” –missionary couple, Latin America

“Thanks for the E. Stanley Jones book. He’s one of my heroes! You have done all of us a favor in editing and reissuing the master evangelist’s work. Bravo—I will tell others.” –veteran evangelist, North Carolina

“Jones’s collections of daily meditations should become Christian classics. I hope the new edition becomes a best seller.” –professor of history, Indiana

“What a treasure! I remember an incident [long ago] when we were in Europe … and E. Stanley Jones was speaking in Copenhagen. For some reason, we all had the impression that he was theologically liberal, and we passed up an opportunity to hear him speak. Wow, we have sure learned a lot over the last [decades]! … I shall be delighted to read this.” –widow of a parachurch leader, Michigan

“What a beautiful presentation. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness in sending me a copy” –denominational head, Missouri

“I love the size, the design, and of course the content.  I read a few entries right away last night and loved it.” –young mother, Wisconsin

“I love it! Thank you very much. It is packaged beautifully. I really like the way the Table of Contents are arranged, and I know that my wife and I are going to really enjoy reading it together.” –retired professor of Old Testament, Texas

“The Victorious Living book looks wonderful—I have already started reading it, and look forward to reading it together with [my husband]. –chaplain’s wife, Colorado

“I have been looking for a devotional reading, and this looks like it really will fit.” –engineer, Washington State

“You've done a great service here, and I hope it is very widely received and, as it should be, acclaimed. Also, I love the classic packaging.”  –magazine publisher, Illinois

“What a treat to get this. We've already started reading it as a family at breakfast time before the kids head off to school.” –YWAM base leader, Arkansas

“Thanks so much for the book! We received it today and are very interested in discovering some great gems in it.” –youth ministry leader, Kansas

“The timing of this is perfect. I’ve been reading Oswald Chambers’s My Utmost for His Highest for the past 20 years. Now this! I look forward to reading this work.” –pastor, Washington State

“Jones was an awesome writer, and I had many of his books—but in transitioning out of being a senior pastor with a big study and lots of bookshelves, I gave away hundreds of my treasured books. So this is special, to have Jones again…. By the way the cover artwork is outstanding.” –itinerant church consultant, Minnesota

“It seems that I’m quoting from this book nearly every time I speak somewhere.” –retired district superintendent, Virginia


Victorious Living

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E. Stanley Jones

Rediscover E. Stanley Jones

More than seventy years ago—in spite of a grinding national depression—the devotional books of E. Stanley Jones sold a million copies. The positive tone and vivid insights into Scripture from this Methodist missionary evangelist commanded attention not just in America but around the world. Now—edited and updated for the 21st century—these classics are back in a new series from Summerside Press™. Each is a 365-day journey that will deepen your walk with Christ like none other.

The best-selling devotional of 1936  makes a long-deserved comeback! Contains 365 time-tested readings on overcoming our personal limits, each with an opening Scripture and a closing prayer. E. Stanley Jones, the greatest Christian leader of his day, offers selections that draw us along a trail that takes us deeper and further into spiritual understanding. The devotional classic does not stick to the beaten paths of personal faith, but challenges us to the upward trail of following the teachings of Christ in all of life.


384 Pages/Flexible Casebound
ISBN 978-1-935416-57-9
Available March 2010